It’s good to talk

November 17th, 2014

Around 100 Heads of Department or Seconds in Charge attended 9 subject networks this week. This was the first of three meetings, led by colleagues from across the alliance, to be held during the year. There is a real buzz surrounding the meetings and the professional satisfaction gained from talking about their subjects – what works and the challenges – was palpable.

The meetings allow the heads of English, Science, Maths, History, Geography, MFL, RE, Art and Psychology to meet with other heads of department to share good practice and work out solutions to challenges we’re all facing. On this term’s agenda was, of course, changes to GCSEs and A levels, life in KS3 after levels, action plans from the summer’s results and key subject-specific issues.

The benefits of the meetings are not contained within the 90 minutes they ran for but through the contacts made and the sharing of resources - I’ve already seen several emails pinging around today.

There have been networks in the core subjects previously but it was great to see this extended to a wider range of subjects and not just EBACC subjects and we’ve already had interest expressed for networks in other subjects like Media Studies and Sociology and, providing this model works and has a real impact in our schools, it’s definitely something we’d want more of.

You really can’t beat getting together with people in the same boat as you and working out the best way to arrive at your destination. A massive thank you to the network leads who have got this endeavour off to a flying start (excuse the mixed metaphors)!