Back to (Teaching) School

September 2nd, 2014

September has a very distinctive feel for teachers, and students. There is the obvious mourning of the holidays as you realise you can no longer take two hours over breakfast (unless you get up at 3am) but there is also the excitement the new term brings. Much like the students we teach, we look forward to seeing our friends and colleagues again, tucking our new pens into our new pencil cases and getting our teeth stuck into the challenges of the next academic year.

Returning to a Teaching School is no different. If anything, the excitement is greater because there are even more achievements to celebrate, more colleagues and friends to catch up with and more challenges to embrace. Of course, I had the usual anxiety-riddled back-to-school dream the night before the first day (this time involving monkeys) but compared to last year, the start of this year is far less bewildering. It is great to already have meaningful relationships with a number of colleagues in each ETSA school and I’m looking forward to seeing them all in the next couple of weeks so I can hear about their holidays as well as put our plans for the new year into action.

One particular area of development I am really excited about is the PLC. Ealing has, for many years, had a really strong collaborative approach and teachers across the borough have generously opened up their classrooms to colleagues from other schools. The success of this model is being utilised as we begin work as triads or clusters of schools to really drive school improvement. I am sure that this area of ETSA’s work will be a regular feature of this blog this year. But, before the real work can start I, like everyone else, must sharpen my pencils, colour-code my folders and fill out my planner!